Orilla- You Can Bank On It!

This is what I call a real club- Cafe, Deck and Club or a CDC as it’s popularly known as. Orilla is a new kid on the block- it’s arrived with a Bang; and going by the likes of it I could easily sum up that this place is definitely kickass and it’s gonna rock…

Allora- So, Then, Well!

Allora is one of the most commonly used Italian words since it means “So, Then, Well”. It is used frequently as a filler word and has an array of meanings and also acts as a precursor for a meaningful dialogue or as a prelude to something pertinent.

Allora, is the novel avant-garde Italian restaurant that opened it’s doors to Punekars. Perched on the fourth floor of the Phoenix Market City(more popularly known as Phoenix Mall), this diner boasts of fascinating culinary delights of Italian origin; Conceived, Researched and Developed by the Gastronomic genius Chef Abhay Singh

Cha Cha Cha With Chafa

Chafa Cafe and Studio….Ladies and Gentlemen! Named after the most common yet effervescent flowering plant Chafa AKA Plumeria/ Frangipani/ Lei/ Chompa, the cafe has withstood the test of time- no wonder it is one of the most popular social rendezvous in Koregaon Park!

Kunafa World- The Arabian Sweet Truth!

It is a world of Kunafa out there- no wonder they’ve named it Kunafa world. As you enter, the sweet aroma of Oud incense will capture your heart reminiscent of the middle eastern cultural essence… …And the wafting whiff of the freshly baked and toasted Kunafas lingers on with the incense of the oud- feels…

Kimbap & Bimbibap- Baap Re Baap!

Tibetan Mother’s kitchen is the new kid on the block in east Koregaon park area. This eatery is bang near where I stay and so I decided to pay a visit. TM kitchen specialises in Korean and Tibetan food- which is one of a kind in Pune. They have outlets in Mumbai and other metros…

Son Of A Gun! Quick on The Draw!

Fond of Clint Eastwood movies? Vera Cruz, Desperado, Hidalgo, The Good the bad the ugly, Duel etc? Like the Wild Wild West? Feel like you own a Ranch in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Montana or Wyoming? Are you quick on the Draw? Ever dreamt like walking into a bar with western theme, Cowboy hats, horseshoes all…

Bodega Radaach

Ever tried churrascos in a Bodega? No? Then consider Boteco, which is a Restorente Braziliero or a Brazilian Diner serving lip smacking grills in a variety of avatars depending on your meat preference. The provenals and decorative scheme is exclusively and exceptionally Brazilian with graffiti of Christ the Redeemer Statue, street football, bodegas, architecture coupled…

The Raani Of Raan

Famed for their Lamb Rann or more specifically the Sikandari Rann- tender Lamb Shank weighing 1.8 kgs slow cooked over coals with pure Desi Ghee and exotic spices- served along with grilled Pineapple and clove-flavoured Basmati! Grilled Lamb Shank Rann- Invariably and unarguably their flagship dish. This is a Desi Ghee AKA clarified butter glazed lamb shank, exquisitely plated, the shank is so evenly glazed with ghee and spices, a bowl dollop of basmati rice, veggies and a bowl of rassa which us dilute- have it with the Indian flatbread Bhakri – luscious, juicy and moreish lamb rann- just the way I like it!  Very strongly recommended you try!

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A Good Fishy Story!!!

At the outset, the place is span-new; smell of freshly done up interiors along with the sweet smell of fish fry masalas wafting through the air. The interiors are artistically designed and coloured to represent all that the Indian coastal areas stand for- blue and simplicity. The Navy blue adorning the walls are brilliant.

Das AutoBahn

Fancy your grub arriving with pomp and glory and a little bit of fanfare? Well, you’ve arrived!! Das Autobahn! This is the Story of the automated conveyor belt eatery called Braun Autobahn. Perched on the top floor of the Majestic Phoenix Market City is this cute, dainty diner where you get your meals served on…