This South African chain opened its doors to the Asian culinary scene through its Pune WTC outlet. The place is a behemoth, with expansive outdoor seating and gorgeous indoor paraphernalia, an enticing vibe was clearly apparent. The music, redolent of new age philosophy and old-world charm played harmony with the atmosphere and I felt an instant connection, a harbinger of what is in store.

What’s Between Those Buns?

Burger on your mind?*** Feel like gorging on those huge mounds of meat between them….ahem…. Buns? I meant literally…don’t go overboard with perverse ideas! Make a beeline for ‘Between your Buns’, Salunkhe vihar road outlet. First things first- their burgers looks like whoppers crossed with T-Rex or as Trump puts it- Yuuuuuuge! Secondly they are…

Yeh Dil Maange Mo(re)shi!

There are places which provide good food and then there are places which provide great food with love. Head over to Moshi Moshi for such an experience.

Met A Leviathan On The Highway

A Brontosaurus of a Restaurant, well conceived, imaginative and poetic. Interiors are eloquent, inventive with canopies and conical tents in small avatars strewn all along the roofed outdoor area in big and small clusters. They have three indoor dining facilities as well.

Kerala Cafe- The Good, The Bad and The Googly

Everything was kaput right from the word go. Booked on Zomato app(confirmed by restaurant as per zomato), restaurant gives two hoots about it and denied table on arrival, made us wait inspite of the booking and when I raised a shindig accepted the same but at a boring table.
The ambience resembles a jaunty dim lit Nalukettu(conventional aristrocratic Kerala mansion) and a creatively done up Mattupavu(orthodox patrician rooftop/large balcony) where the dining area is situated.

An Evening on a Roof Top

The place was done up nimbly, an expression of the new generation foodies, the delight of a new born era and the harbinger of a pub-like feeling.
The place was done up nimbly, an expression of the new generation foodies, the delight of a new born era and the harbinger of a pub-like feeling.

Flavours of the Levant

“The cuisine of Levantine influences continues to carry an inspiringly mainstream character in a majority of the dishes today of Middle East. It is found in the modern states of , Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria and parts of southern Turkey”

Carac Lite- Don’t take it lightly!

A cold carac or cold tea suffused with whipped cream and caramel! Just outta the world! Worked much better for me than a cold coffee or Frappuccino! Nice initiative!

‘Pig Out’ at Zamu’s Place

Zamu’s place is the quintessential Parsi eatery for both parsis and non parsis alike. They have an extensive continental type menu ranging from mushrooms to veal. The place is cozy with an outdoor seating as well.. due to COVID protocol they were encouraging only outdoor dining so I couldn’t get a sneak peak at the…